Some short video whereby I was turning the coin thing.

Soooo, day 2 is coming to an end! Searched for a dimsum place in the morning, wanted to go to a speciality store which yiqun recommended me, but it only opens at 10am -.-. So went to a nearby restaurant instead, place full of old men, think its kind of typical in hongkong. Dim Sum is indeed Better than Singapore’s one.
Went to ocean park after breakfast, took an hour or so to reach there, took only 4 rides that seemed exciting, but it wasnt. Their rides ain’t good at all. Neither is ocean park, but it’s just an experience. Reached there about 10am, left at 330pm! Walking was what we spent most at ocean park. Totally not worth it.

Took a train down to mong kok for more shopping! This time round we went argyle centre, awesome to the max! It’s like bugis level 2. The shoes are pretty costly. It’s cheaper in Singapore, but the clothings here are cheaper! Bought quite a few pieces and a bag which i was physco-ed by the shop owner to buy which cost the most. BUDGET DEFICIT :( spent approx 400sgd for just 2 days. Including meals, shopping and sightseeing. GAH! Hope the remaining amount of money is enough for me to spent!!

Right, I’d Better sleep now! Super tired. Nights all! :).